About Stacey Dash

Instantly recognizable for her exotic beauty, Stacey Dash is a versatile and talented actress who has captured the hearts and minds of fans in a career that has spanned nearly two decades.
A native of Bronx, New York of Caribbean and Latin decent, Stacey made her film debut in the 1988 Richard Pryor comedy, Moving.   But it was the 1995 iconic film, Clueless that gave Stacey her big break.  Starring with Alicia Silverstone and the late Brittany Murphy, Stacey, then an actress in her late 20s, convincingly portrayed Dionne, a high school beauty.  She later reprised the role in a television series based on the movie, which ran from 1996-1999.
2011 Stacey took on the leading role of Valerie “Val” Stokes (Season 1) for VH1’s first scripted show, Single Ladies a classy, and confident career woman much like Stacey and her fashion is what stood out most to the viewers. [Fashion consultant] Anthony Williams and Stacey had total control when it came to the vision of Val’s style.
She has made numerous guest appearances on such television series as The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, CSI, Eve, and the Game, to name just a few.
Other roles on the big screen include Moving, Robert Townsend’s Mo Money, Renaissance Man, Gang of Roses, Amy Heckerlings, I Could Never Be Your Woman, A View from the Top, Ghost Image and Paper Soldiers, which was directed by her cousin, music producer/entrepreneur Damon Dash.
She is a favorite of hip hop artists and has appeared in several music videos for artists including Kanye West, Carl Thomas Marques Houston, The Game and most recently, Rick Ross.
In 2006, she posed for a very memorable Playboy magazine spread, with the blessing and approval of her children – a teenaged son and toddler daughter.  Not many women are bold and daring enough to take on that challenge, but the dynamic and dashing, Stacey Dash is an exception to the rule.

2 thoughts on “About Stacey Dash”

  1. taboo25 said:

    Would definitely love to hear about your beauty regimen and diet. You are ageless! 😉

  2. Michael Snell said:

    Just read the bio and thought the descriptive words were spot on! Always one if my favorites! Best of luck always!


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