You spoke to me directly in my ear GOD

I chose a man over you

You showed your face to me GOD

I chose a man over you

You sent my Angel for me and another to see GOD

I chose a man over you

You brought to light what was being done in the dark GOD

Again I chose a man over you

I made a vow of silence as an offering to beg for your forgiveness, I am patiently waiting to hear your directions to be told what I am to do. I surrender Lord. Please do not leave me now. I pray for you not to give up on me. I want to be exactly what you want me to be. I want to fulfill my destiny, and I know I can not do it without you and your Grace. Help me  please…

I’m sharing this with all of you so we can pray for each other, lets fulfill our God given destinies. I am praying for you and you have my support. Do not let negativity or discouragement cloud your view. Lets keep our eyes on God and we will have victory!