Today the bell tolled, the trumpet sounded, the worm turned.

My wrongs have righted my road again, I can see it glistening in the horizon.

As the armor that I wear and my shield and my sword. I will yield them  with the force of my dear Lord.  

I would not enter this battle for as Sun Tzu  said ” Do not enter a battle unless you know you can win the war.” I know this war and I know myself so my victory is sure.

With my angels before me and to my left and my right, what lies behind me is in ruins and dust where there is no longer a fight. 

I will not toil in the mire, of doubt, of fear, of deceit, I know the demons there and they will surely pull me down to defeat. So I will move stealth fully, steadfast in my thoughts, with faith, courage, honor and love in my heart. For beyond this blackened muddied slop lies the road of iron. Where I will stand then run. For the truth has been told. No weapon formed against me shall prosper! My war my victory is won!