I’m embarking on a new adventure, pioneering new ground. I’m writing a book. I have no idea how to begin or how to end, but I’m doing it. I figure there’s no better way to become the best in the world at something than to get help from the rest of the world. I’m also going to be writing a blog on a regular basis. I welcome constructive criticism. Please, anything you have to share with me is very much appreciated. Also hold me accountable, ask the question “What did you write today Stacey?”

The first thing I’d like to share is…

I’m writing a “How To” book.
It’ll be about me, my daily ritual and what I do every day to be Stacey Dash. It’ll be about what I’ve done in the past, the mistakes I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned. The mistakes that I continue to make that drive me to moments of madness. I want to share what I’m going through in real-time to correct,  reconcile and reinvent. You see I’m on a quest to live in love and joy come hell or high water. So, I’ll be writing about my future and how I’m moving forward in life using the knowledge I’ve gained from my past and wisdom I’m finding now. Also, I want to teach women and girls how to take care of themselves…and most importantly, how to love themselves. I believe that… is truly what is most important in life. In the process of writing, I’m hopeful that while I’m teaching you I’ll also be teaching myself…
Stacey Dash